About Us

Technology is increasingly shaping our future and becoming more important in our daily lives.

Once upon a time technology used to be something we chose to learn or play with ... now it's role is central in almost everything we do. 

At the Dottie Rose Foundation we encourage more girls to improve their technology skills to boost their own future career prospects and secure a challenging and rewarding job. Increasing technology knowledge makes girls more competitive in almost any chosen career path today, and excels their success in their education. 

Our camps offer hands-on experiential learning, so kids can develop the skill set they need and explore the areas of technology that excite them the most. 

Ultimately we aim to give girls the skills they need to enter leading businesses and the ability to solve the business challenges of tomorrow

Our Mission

Dottie Rose Foundation serves to connect the dots within the technology and computer science sphere to educate, support, and inspire the next generation. 

Our Vision

Creating a supportive algorithm to close the gender gap for females in the field of technology and computer sciences.