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Gigdit Girls

Gidget Girls  will be a week long ALL girls camp that will explore the world of  Scratch and Women in Tech careers. During the camp the girls will  participate in activities that will help them improve their computing,  leadership, and social skills. In addition the girls will obtain  information about Computer Science careers, and furthering their  education in computer science and information technology. 

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Writing & Coding Camp

Our Writing League camp will showcase the SuperPowers of using reading to  create and use technology to showcase. We will spend the week exploring  our super power of reading and creating technology applications.  

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Creating Design with Code

Our creative summer academy will introduce students to programming while  creating a visual design. Students will learn the programming language  Processing and apply mathematical and programming concepts to create an  abstract design or interactive program. Students will then have the  opportunity to have their design printed along with their code and  mailed to them after the workshop.

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