We’re on TV! Our founder, Dr. Sharon Jones, sat down for a news segment on WCNC Charlotte to discuss our stylishly educational Binary Bling Box. It’s functional fashion with a binary twist. Dr. Jones talked about the impetus behind the Binary Bling Box and how we must give girls an outlet to pursue computer science and technology-related fields.

Did you know only 26% of the tech workforce is comprised of women? That’s a staggering gap between genders, and we hope to help bridge it. The Binary Bling Box is one of the myriad methods we’re using to encourage girls to reach for the STEM stars. We strive to help them find where they fit in these vast fields, whether in code, design, building and infrastructure, etc.

“Tech is in everything we do,” Dr. Jones noted. It’s no longer a nice-to-have but a necessity facilitating the flow of our day-to-day. Now, more than ever, there’s a need for more voices at the table.

So, how does it work? Dr. Jones told WCNC that “binary is the code of the computer.” We hope to help girls understand the baseline of how a computer operates, and writing and understanding binary code is the first step. It has two states – on and off. The Binary Bling Box teaches girls how to write binary code (Base 2).

Then, they write that code and use the pattern to create a snazzy bracelet. Not only is it a fun, fashionable statement piece, but girls can put their newfound skill to practical use. You can make up to five bracelets in each box.

Dr. Jones showed off her bracelet, which is the year 2018, written in binary code. 2018 is the year Dottie Rose Foundation was established.

Be sure to watch the clip with Dr. Jones here, and if you’re interested in purchasing a Binary Bling Box, you can learn more here!