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Apr. 27, 2019 | Sharon Jones: Getting Girls Interested in STEM, Consulting, & the Dottie Rose Foundation

Teaching Learning Leading K-12

Sharon Jones is the founder and CEO of the dot.consulting company and The Dottie Rose Foundation, where she leads and implements technology-focused education and innovation.




We are beyond thrilled and honored to be a INNO ON FIRE Winner in the Opportunity Champion – Entities that work to make more spaces at the proverbial table. Thank you!

The Write Up: 

Dottie Rose Foundation: “The world needs more students with tech skills,” the foundation’s website states, and the organization does everything from offering five full-week camps, to a girls in tech day with Stratifyd, to 18 scholarships, to make that happen. Currently, its working to develop an launch a mobile code airstream to increase the accessibility of its offerings.



Best Collaboration Winner, Dottie Rose & Harvey Gantt Center

Dr. Sharon Jones Ed.D

Nominated as TechEntrepeneur