I have a passion for all things education and that has come from a deep and long history of education in my family. My great-grandparents (Clonnie and Velna Moore), my Papa’s parents, Dwight B. Moore,were the spearheads behind New Salem Elementary being built. New Salem is a small town on the outskirts of Charlotte, NC. In the 1920’s education in a rural community was not very common but my great grandparents knew the value and power of education.

They created a movement to have the school house built and then housed the school teachers in their own home. My Papa told many stories of the school teachers living with his family and eating at the dinner table with them. Can you imagine what that felt like as a kid?

My Papa was one of four and his eldest sister, my Aunt Naoima was also a school teacher. My great-grandparents sent her to ECTC (East Carolina Teaching College) when she was just 15 years old. The year was…. It was completely a risk and uncommon for a woman to be sent across the state to school. But it begins to shape the picture of my family’s dedication to education.

In that same town, my grandmother, Dorothy Rose Moore or Mama D. as I called her, was determined to use education as her path to the city. And she did it! She went to Kings College and earned her degree in Business.

My grandparents and my parents have always taught me the power of education and knowledge. They encouraged me from an early age to always strive for new learning. As a young girl, my connection to my grandmother was incredibly strong. We shared a passion for all things shopping, food, and flowers. Being with my Mama D. was always a treat. She could make anything magical and always new the right words to bring a smile to my face. My family always told me I could do and be anything I wanted and their support has been the driver behind my life.

As I have developed in my own career, I am often called back to my center and my family roots. My grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and extended family are hard workers and have provided an example of how I want to live my life and purpose. I have found my calling in education and know that my passion for computer science and the integration of all disciples that make computer science and art came from my experience as a child to imagine and create.

My grandmother, Mama D. (Dorothy Rose Moore) along with my Papa (Dwight Brewer Moore) are smiling. They both taught me the power of education along with my amazing mom (Jan Torrence) and the power of entrepreneurship from my dad (Julius Torrence). Mama D. (Dottie) always said to love what you do, respect others, and give back to your community. My non-profit Dottie Rose Foundation in her name brings her legacy to life each day. Her example of grace and selflessness drives me to create change in education. I am so proud of what we are creating in her honor for girls to find their voice in computer science and technology. My Mama D. (Dottie) danced her way into your life and brought a ray of sunshine with her and I hope that is what we can bring each time we work with girls. If she were here, she would be at every camp cheering us on and would in her traditional slogan say “EEEEKKK that is just wonderful!” ❤️

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