While strides on the gender front have been made in STEM, we know we’ve still got a long way to go to effectively bridge the staggering gap between women and men in these fields. We’re proud to have camps and workshops available to help foster growth in STEM. However, encouragement at home certainly makes things easier.

Here are ways to motivate your girls to pursue STEM:

Help Her Find a STEM Role Model 

Regardless of their profession, everyone has a role model of sorts that serves as a barometer for success. They could be someone they aspire to be in their field or a role model in an area they wish to enter. Do some research with your child to find her STEM role model. Not only does this empower her to dive deep into the storied history of women in STEM, but she’ll find someone to whom she can look up.

Always Provide Encouragement

There’s this ill-placed belief that women aren’t as mentally fortified as men and are not intellectually suited for science-related fields. It’s all hogwash! Women are as capable as men of succeeding in STEM. Because STEM is still (unfortunately) male-dominated, you must be your kid’s most ardent supporter. Encourage her to reach for the stars – she might be among them someday.

Expose Her to Different Facets of STEM

As you know, STEM stands for “science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.” You could also throw “a” for “arts” into the mix to make it STEAM. If your child is unsure what part of the acronym she wishes to explore, why not expose her to it all? Stimulate a desire for discovery and allow her to get a feel for each one. Reading books, conducting research on reputable sites, watching videos on YouTube, and opening a dialogue with those she knows in these fields will help her figure out what appeals to her.

Help Her Understand the Importance of STEM on a Global Scale

Some girls and women shy away from STEM because of the lack of knowledge regarding its global impact. We need science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to survive and thrive as a species. Teach them how vital these fields are for humanity’s survival and how they would contribute significantly to our future. Everyone wants to feel the work they do is essential, and working in STEM is a wonderful way to make a difference.

Give Her the Space to Develop Her Skills

Experience is crucial for any future career, especially something hands-on like STEM. What we know and the general STEM landscape are constantly in flux, evolving every day. While your child will study math and science in school, chances are she won’t get the opportunity to fully explore the options available to her.

For example, you can encourage your child to take computer programming and coding courses to hone her skills. Thankfully, you’re in the right place for just that. You won’t find bigger fans of STEM than here at Dottie Rose. Click on the “Camps & Workshops” tab to check out our offerings for your future STEM leader.