Think back to when you were 10 years old – chances are, your day-to-day consisted of attending school, playing outside, and spending time with your family. However, when the world’s youngest CEO was that age, she had something extraordinary on her mind. Hillary Yip founded MinorMynas at the age of 10. Yes, you read that correctly.

Hillary, who hails from Hong Kong, struggled with learning Mandarin. Thus, her mother sent her to a camp in Taiwan. Hillary emerged from that experience changed. She felt inspired to create something similar to help kids learn languages from other kids.

MinorMynas is an online educational platform allowing kids to learn languages from each other in a safe setting via chat groups and video calls. The objective is to ensure fewer cultural misunderstandings and eradicate negative stereotypes. Hillary’s mother helped her craft the structural basis for the platform.

In 2015, she was the winner of the AIA Emerging Entrepreneur Awards. She’s also been featured on prominent media platforms, including BBC, CCTV, and the South China Morning Post.

The platform connects kids from over 60 countries. Hillary hopes to bridge the gaps in our collective understanding of different cultures and even bring parents into the mix “since the exchange between an international group of parents does not exist today.”

“Children use the app to discuss a variety of topics, from coding to bullying to autism. Today they talk about the pandemic and how to protect themselves,” she explained at the Global Women’s Forum Dubai 2020.

What an incredible, brilliant young person. Hillary is revolutionizing how kids learn and working diligently toward a stereotype-free and culturally ignorant future. MinorMynas could be a vital tool in putting an end to racism and discrimination.

May we all encourage young people like Hillary to reach for the stars.

photo credit: SheSight Magazine