At the Dottie Rose Foundation, we often get the question –  why computer science for our girls?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects computer science  jobs will grow 19% by 2026. Yet, women only earn 18% of computer science bachelor’s degrees in the United States. Despite the high job demand, computer science remains a male-dominated field in the United States.

According to Code.org – In North Carolina, there are currently 12,051 open computing jobs with an average salary of $109,439.

Computer science is more than just a set of digital skills; it is founded on problem solving with critical and creative thinking. It also teaches us how to think, learn and grow and adapt in a constantly evolving digital landscape. We are addressing the gender gap prevalent in the technology industry by ensuring that diverse perspectives are brought to the table. By providing our girls with access to quality computer science education, we empower them with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate and contribute to the rapidly evolving technology field. Computer science education for our girls is an investment in the future and cultivates a tech-savvy generation that will drive innovation and economic mobility in our community. Girls who receive computer science education are better positioned to pursue careers in fields such as software development, data science, and information technology.

As educators, parents, and community members, we must collectively support, encourage and educate girls in the technology field. Embracing and empowering girls in the technology field not only addresses gender disparities but also enriches the entire community by harnessing the diverse talents and perspectives that contribute to innovation and economic growth in our communities.

At Dottie Rose Foundation, our mission is to set the standard in computer science education while bridging the gender gap in the technology field. We envision a future where computer science education is accessible, inclusive, and equitable for all, regardless of gender, and a technology industry that values and benefits from the diverse perspectives and contributions of women.

Lets all Hustle, Sparkle and Repeat together!