Answered by Jillian Klingberg

NFL Football Playoffs weekend

My Sunday afternoons growing up included NFL games, 60 Minutes, and The Simpsons – between my Dad and brothers, which ran on our one TV in the house. I originally chose the Miami Dolphins as my favorite team because their colors are pretty, and then onto the Indianapolis Colts because their logo was a horseshoe. I started riding horses when I was eight years old; I could not explain my team choices verbally. I have realized that I love the game! I love the sports community, the sports data and stats, reading a field and anticipating the next play, calculating the yards needed for a first down, seeing a flag before it is thrown, and knowing its reason. AWS (Amazon Web Services) has been at the forefront of NFL stats. Data can be processed in seconds through machine learning, providing powerful insights immediately. The NFL was created in 1920, and stats were not tracked until 1932. Can you imagine how the stats were tracked?

I would have 100% gone into sports stats during college if I had been aware of the option, but  I did not have the support system or help at college to know it was an opportunity. I love exposing our girls with the Dottie Rose Foundation to these opportunities I did not have, and I know they can thrive with these jobs!

The Kansas City Chiefs have only been on my radar because Travis Kelce is amazing for fantasy football! He is one of the greatest TE players in the league and brings big numbers!  I am 100% on board with him and Taylor Swift. A loop is most popular in music, a hook, a loop in computer science! The hook gets everyone addicted to the song, and Taylor Swift is a genius at creating hooks. You can sing in your head repeatedly; repetition makes it stick! “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me.”

“Football is awesome, it turns out. I have been missing out my whole life.” TS

Their high-profile relationship exposes more girls and ladies to sports, data, analytics, and a great sport. Taylor Swift has been an amazing icon for many girls, my daughter included! We are all better together! #sportsandmusic

Happy NFL Play-Offs!

XO – Jillian